Corridor of dreams

I closed my eyes; you held my hand Strong and warm, you held me safe We walked and walked through the corridors of my dreams Holding hands – just you and me No nurses, no confusion, no pain Togethe…

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Losing my dad unexpectedly and suddenly in difficult circumstances has been heartbreaking and beyond pain. I set up this site for my sisters and I to unite in our grief through poetry and to help u…

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You come to me with your friendship

Stretched out in front on a plate

Well I nearly fell for it

But it’s way too little too late


Have you no idea, no respect for how I feel

Of all that you have taken?

Left with nothing – not knowing what to do

Because you are selfish? Greedy? No way of fighting

For what is right and true?


Yes, you are weak – well my ‘friend’ I am strong

I do not want your crumbs of self pity and destruction

I will find my own way but will stay true

To everything I value…

Yet with some ambiguity

That also includes you


Yes I am strong, but I also have a heart

So my fair-weather friend,


The anger will subside but will forgiveness come?

Can we mend the weakness that has driven us apart?



Today I am done, I am beaten, weary from the fight

Alone, isolated, ostracised for not yielding

But the fight lies dormant, waiting for strength

I have but a few hours to search deep within;

To rest, recover, before facing the enemy

Who overnight turned from friend to foe


Deep within I know it is there

The strength, the power to battle on

My memory of you makes me fight for fairness

The legacy you left me from the moment I was born

I will try not to disappoint you, to waiver from my mission

To stand up for fairness and stay true to me within


Wish me luck dad x


Backed into a corner, no way to fight

No way forward and no way out

Isolated, alone – no support in my plight


Something I’ve loved, taken just like that

No warning, no compassion, no regard


Bereavement comes in many guises

But this I didn’t foresee

The disregard for all I’ve done

For me, my loyalty

365 days on

I sit on the eve that you went away

Pensive of what tomorrow brings

Memories that I fight to distil

Of the pain numbed by time


365 days have passed now

I quash memories so I can continue on

of how you were hurt and left to die

alone, afraid, no one giving a damn


I feel part mended, I block the thoughts

But in some moments I cannot escape

The anger, the pain – it lies deep within

How cruelly you were treated, your suffering


Tomorrow beckons nearer

I do not know what to do

how to face the memories of a year ago

Of the morning when they took you

Still Me

I am free at last to be

The Dad as you remember me

My hair is long

My smile is wide

Once again I walk outside

I have no barriers

No locked doors

The world once more is mine evermore

I can run dance and swim in the sea

I can laugh you know it’s me

Can’t u feel me when I’m near

That strange smell won’t disappear

That thought that reminds you of me

It’s real believe it …. It is me

I come close to touch your cheek when I think you are asleep

I watch you every day

I will never go away

When you think of me maybe a song

Or thoughts in your head as you drive along

I am there with you please see

Next time you see it talk to me

I will never leave your side

Dad xx
Teresa Dovey March 2016