Still Me

I am free at last to be

The Dad as you remember me

My hair is long

My smile is wide

Once again I walk outside

I have no barriers

No locked doors

The world once more is mine evermore

I can run dance and swim in the sea

I can laugh you know it’s me

Can’t u feel me when I’m near

That strange smell won’t disappear

That thought that reminds you of me

It’s real believe it …. It is me

I come close to touch your cheek when I think you are asleep

I watch you every day

I will never go away

When you think of me maybe a song

Or thoughts in your head as you drive along

I am there with you please see

Next time you see it talk to me

I will never leave your side

Dad xx
Teresa Dovey March 2016


Heavenly Jive

I know you are dancingThat’s all I see today

Whilst the musics playing

You dance the night away

Yes you’ve got the rhythm 

Deffo got the moves

Every bit is moving 

From your head down to your shoes

All of you is working

All of you can move

It’s good to see you laughing

It’s good to see you smile

Dad keep on dancing

We will join you in a while
Teresa Dovey March 2016


They didn’t take my strength For that was all mine you see

I lived it and I learnt it

Through pain and misery

They couldn’t make me falter

Though the path was long

My mind they couldn’t alter

It’s me and I am strong.

They tried to make me be

A puppet in the throng …..

They were so wrong.

But no that wasn’t me.

They couldn’t break my spirit

They couldn’t make me be

That mild and gentle patient

It would make their lives easier

But that was not me.

I walked as I wanted too

I said it how it was

I shouted when I wanted

To you all I showed love.

Some of them I liked

For them I would be good

But those of them I didn’t ……..

They surely understood.

Teresa Dovey March 2016


It’s Easter now spring has sprung

a golden glow revives the earth

I love the colour looking down

I see yellow all around.

I love to watch the flowers grow

new life new birth

another day to feel the sun

on your face it’s wonderful

Breath it feel it within your heart

take the colour smell the scent

for it is all heaven sent.

I sit here now looking down

Can you feel me? I’m around

Your choosing flowers for your windowsill…….

Go on ….. Choose a Daffodil
Teresa Dovey 28 March 2016