No peace

I have no peace while you walk free

No resolution – nor retribution – for what you took from me

You write you are sorry for what you failed to do

Easy words disguise your lack of humanity, of human kindness

For those in your charge, so vulnerable and frightened

You have been set free, retrained, deemed fit to work

Lucky you

Where is the justice that allows this to happen?

Where is the justice when there is no law

To punish you for what you failed to do?

Where is the justice that allows you to walk freely

Where is my justice for what you took from me?

I have no peace while you walk free



the day i lost me

the day i lost me,

it’s not hard to guess

the day i lost me

is when they came for you

the day i lost me

i was too slow to see

the day i lost me

i was too scared to leave

the day i lost me

did i let you down

the day i lost me

you begged me to be free

but the day they lost me

is the day they hurt you

the day they lost me

is the day you ceased to be



You come to me with your friendship

Stretched out in front on a plate

Well I nearly fell for it

But it’s way too little too late


Have you no idea, no respect for how I feel

Of all that you have taken?

Left with nothing – not knowing what to do

Because you are selfish? Greedy? No way of fighting

For what is right and true?


Yes, you are weak – well my ‘friend’ I am strong

I do not want your crumbs of self pity and destruction

I will find my own way but will stay true

To everything I value…

Yet with some ambiguity

That also includes you


Yes I am strong, but I also have a heart

So my fair-weather friend,


The anger will subside but will forgiveness come?

Can we mend the weakness that has driven us apart?



Today I am done, I am beaten, weary from the fight

Alone, isolated, ostracised for not yielding

But the fight lies dormant, waiting for strength

I have but a few hours to search deep within;

To rest, recover, before facing the enemy

Who overnight turned from friend to foe


Deep within I know it is there

The strength, the power to battle on

My memory of you makes me fight for fairness

The legacy you left me from the moment I was born

I will try not to disappoint you, to waiver from my mission

To stand up for fairness and stay true to me within


Wish me luck dad x


Backed into a corner, no way to fight

No way forward and no way out

Isolated, alone – no support in my plight


Something I’ve loved, taken just like that

No warning, no compassion, no regard


Bereavement comes in many guises

But this I didn’t foresee

The disregard for all I’ve done

For me, my loyalty