Without permit

via Daily Prompt: Permit

Who gave you permit to leave him alone, dying

What right did you have to make that decision?

Accountable for so many vulnerable people

Left alone, when he needed you the most

I did not give you this permit – this permission

Yet you got any with this – permitted to continue your life

When you took that of someone so dear to me

Who are you accountable to – if the law allows this?



No peace

I have no peace while you walk free

No resolution – nor retribution – for what you took from me

You write you are sorry for what you failed to do

Easy words disguise your lack of humanity, of human kindness

For those in your charge, so vulnerable and frightened

You have been set free, retrained, deemed fit to work

Lucky you

Where is the justice that allows this to happen?

Where is the justice when there is no law

To punish you for what you failed to do?

Where is the justice that allows you to walk freely

Where is my justice for what you took from me?

I have no peace while you walk free


It’s a fine line

What did you think, as he lay there dying

The power of life in your hands but death beckoning

Only you walked that line between living and dying

Your decision, your choice – just moments in time


You left him alone, turned your back

It’s a fine line you trod between conviction and freedom

One more fault and you would have stood guilty

But today you are free while we are haunted by what you didn’t do


You say you are sorry, you feel remorse

Empty words are easy to write for the price of freedom

I will never forgive you; guilty you stand before me

Guilty of neglect; of lack of caring

Guilty of turning your back; guilty of not fulfilling your role, your duty of care

Guilty forever for what you failed to do

It’s a fine line you walked that day


The decision

How do I know there is nothing more I can do?

Is it time to let things go

Without ever knowing what they did to you?

Leaving you alone, cold – no way back


The solitary journey you took with no comfort or kindness

We couldn’t be there to set you free

A cruel denial of your rights, your dignity

Should I call a line – move forward and not look back?


Can I fight for you one last time?

Do I have the strength to try again?

What will be the price I have to pay

For truth – your justice, my peace within?


Too Late

As darkness circled round and drew you in much nearer

Did you call for us – did you hold on for us before your final journey?

Did you waive goodbye through the images of your life?

I felt you leave us but I was nowhere near

I spoke goodbye but did you hear?

I called your name as you moved from life to death

But you had already left me before I stood before you

In shock and disbelief – I called you daddy, I called your name

Did you hear me, did you hear my pain

As the storm raged inside me, I held your hand

I kissed you – I stroked your face

Too late


Enduring darkness

With lights all around me I had never known such darkness

As I rushed with fear and terror to the room where you lay

Held up strong by my sister weighted down by what she had seen

I will never forget those steps through the corridors of pain

Wanting to see you so, but afraid of what I’d see

The place where your time ended; mine changed forever

But the darkness had already overcome you

Before you were taken there

No one lit the way for you but left you all alone

When you were most frightened and needed kindness the most

The darkness within them will never go away

For what they did to you, they will one day have to pay