No regrets?

I want no regrets, for the things I didn’t do

For all the times you sat alone and I didn’t visit you

How lonely you must have been, waiting for a call

From the ones you loved the most, and you got nothing at all


I want no regrets for the excuses that I made

Too busy with my life, I lost sight of you

Sat with all your photos of the life you used to have

The remnants of our childhood to keep you company


I want no regrets of the times I closed my mind

To the loneliness you must have felt as age took its toll

The time you needed us most and I just wasn’t there

as much as I should have been, to show you I cared


And now it’s too late to visit you, to share those silent hours

Or to hear you on the phone as you say ‘Hello, flower’

No more stories, no more jokes, no more hugs

The times that I’ve lost that I just couldn’t foresee

And the empty space within my heart  where you used to be


I want no regrets.



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