Corridor of dreams

I closed my eyes; you held my hand

Strong and warm, you held me safe

We walked and walked through the corridors of my dreams

Holding hands – just you and me

No nurses, no confusion, no pain

Together but not quite free


As I stirred you went away

How I long to see you so much today

You gave me strength for a little while

Warm memories of how you used to be

Fused with reminders of your suffering

The pacing, the enclosure, no space to be free


My tears fall as I write this poem

I want to set you free…

But I want the dream back, the pain to go away

Tell me you didn’t suffer, that you are okay

So come and hold my hand, dad,

One more time, just you and me


25 February 2016

@ Cathy Parnham 2016


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